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Everyone knows Robin Hood, the world famous legendary hero who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. It’s a story of swashbuckling adventures, beautiful maidens, wicked princes and heroic bandits. Famous in legend, books, movies, and now a sensational pokies experience. Robin hood was a crack shot with his longbow and hit his target every time. With his band of merry men he risked life and limb in daredevil feats of bravery and lived to sing and tell stories of his exploits around the campfire deep in Sherwood Forest. Archer gives you the opportunity to relive his thrilling adventures with this exciting game from Slots Heaven Australia

Give it your best shot with Archer and our $400 bonus

The legend of Robin hood has been a favourite for many years, who can forget Robin and his merry men, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and Little John? During their adventures together they outwitted the Sheriff of Nottingham and took from the rich to give to the poor! Using cunning, a steady hand and an eagle-eye, those few archers managed to defeat whole garrisons of soldiers before disappearing into the mysterious Sherwood forest before they could be caught. Not to mention that Robin managed all this in a fetching pair of green tights! The dapper outlaw and his friends defeated the odds to save Nottingham and in the end the brave brigand even got the girl! We can’t promise that you will win every time, but we can give new players a $400 bonus when playing our Online casino games. That’s better than a quiver full of arrows any day.

Create your own legends

Archer is an exceptional slot machine that has a very impressive 243 different ways to win. It has 5 reels which feature Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, The Sheriff of Nottingham and of course Robin himself. The game features split symbols which expand depending on whether a scatter symbol is present. Scatters appear on all 5 reels and can trigger 7 free spins if you can collect 3 or more. There are also the expand and split features which really make the game stand out. Symbols randomly appear with Arrow borders. If a scatter is on the screen as well and a win is present the symbol with the arrow border expands to take up the whole reel, at the same time splitting with any other symbols on that reel. This results in the possibility of some very exciting multi way wins. With our online pokies adventure and excitement are just a click away.

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