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Blade is a thrilling pokies machine themed around the Hollywood movies and Marvel comic book series. Follow the half human, half vampire super-hero Blade as he fights blood suckers in this exciting and unprecedented slot. Blade has vowed to rid the world of vampires using any means necessary, and it just so happens that now he’s featured in his own game and you can help in in his quest and possibly win at the same time! The fantasy has been made a reality with Slots Heaven Australia and you embark on a dark and riveting pokies experience.

Get some help ‘fangs’ to our $400 free bonus

In an alternative universe where blood sucking freaks roam the earth Blade has one goal, to make the world safe from vampires once and for all. Born half human - half vampire in 1929 his long life span and superhuman strength gave him the ability to fight against the evil vampires who killed his mother. Blade has undertaken many adventures both on screen and in the pages of his comic book, he has even battled Dracula himself on more than one occasion. Using his immunity to silver and garlic as well as amazing martial arts moves, he’s one of the most exciting superheroes of all time. It also helps that he dresses so well, leather beats lycra and capes any day. Of course it’s not easy battling vamps all day long, so to help you play all our online casino games we are offering a free bonus of $400 to aid new players in their quests.

Have you given blood lately?

Blade is an exciting 5 reel slot with 20 paylines that flawlessly recreates the Marvel comic book universe. To keep the adrenaline flowing, the bonus, wild and scatter symbols are all based around characters and items from the comics. If that isn’t enough, there are some breathtaking animations that truly capture the spirit of the day-walker’s adventures. One of the main highlights of this game is the ‘Mysterious Marvel Jackpot’ which is essentially a progressive jackpot that is shared by all the marvel machines that form part of this circuit. What this means is there are chances for some spectacular jackpots. Blade is a beautiful and faithful rendition of the Marvel series and deserves to be played by fans of the movies, comics or anyone who simply wants a thrilling white-knuckle pokies machine experience. You will really be able to deliver a stake to the heart with any of our online pokies.

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