Play American Blackjack at Slots Heaven Australia

If classic comedy The Hangover whetted your appetite to play American Blackjack then step this way because one of the coolest card games around is now online and ready to play. If needing $80,000 to rescue Doug from the claws of Mr Chow sounds a bit too dangerous for your liking you needn’t worry because there’s no such pressure when you deal yourself in with us. You don’t even need to be suited and booted for a night at the casino because all of the action is brought to your living room. American Blackjack is available any time of the day so sit back, relax and forget about Doug - he can take care of himself! Get a slice of the American dream with Slots Heaven Australia.

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The game of blackjack probably has European origins. The first mention of it comes from a short story written by Don Quixote author Miguel de Cervantes in the early seventeenth century. In Spain at that time it was known as ‘Twenty-one’ - because that is the best hand a player can be dealt - but when the game crossed the Atlantic to the United States casinos were keen to pique the public’s interest and thus offered a ten to one (10/1) bonus if a player’s hand consisted of the ace of spades and a black jack (club or spade). The name stuck although sadly the bonus was withdrawn. Luckily for you online casino games have no such problem with gestures like this and are offering a free $400 bonus plus 200 free spins as a welcome to new players.

Get home comforts from playing American Blackjack

We all love that feeling when the banker deals us the perfect hand of an ace and a picture card or a ten, and you can get that sensation playing American Blackjack in the comfort of your own home. Beating the dealer is the name of the game and whether you’re a high roller or a low one we’re sure you’ll have a fun time playing American Blackjack. And remember you can do away with the bother and expense of getting to a casino to play this game - simply click in online blackjack where we hold all the aces for your enjoyment.