Play Blackjack Switch at Slots Heaven Australia

If there’s a casino game that delights both newcomers and veteran players alike, it must be Blackjack. The gameplay is exciting and adrenaline fuelled, simple enough to learn quickly, but complex enough to be interesting and different every time you play it. There’s not a casino in the world that doesn’t offer a variation of this game, and it’s for good reason, it’s just so good. Blackjack Switch presents you the classic game, but with a little twist that creates strategic differences and makes a well known game feel different and new. This, and many other exciting games presented at Slots Heaven Australia give you an authentic casino experience without even having to leave your home.

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Brought by French settlers to the United States, Blackjack quickly became one of the most played and loved of all the casino games. The unique mixture of luck and skill makes it a game that anyone can play, and now it’s played in casinos across the world. Of course we offer this as part of our online casino games collection, so you are bound to find it thrilling and fun as you try to beat the dealer with a score of 21, or as close as you can. We want to make things as easy as possible for new players, so we are offering a free $400 bonus plus 200 free spins that can be used in any of our games!

You will definitely want to ‘stick’ with this exciting variant of a classic game

Blackjack Switch has traditional Blackjack gameplay, but with one important difference. You are dealt two hands to play against the dealer, and if you make two bets of an equal size you can trade the second card dealt between each hand, something that is usually considered a classic cheating manoeuvre! This allows you the chance to create two good hands from two that might not have been quite so good, and increases your chance to win against the dealer! Of course for something so good, there’s a trade off, a 22 scored by the dealer doesn’t result in a bust, but in a push against your hands so make sure you use this option correctly to beat him! Don’t wait to play this authentic and appealing variant as part of our online Blackjack collection, it is only a click away!