Play Perfect Blackjack at Slots Heaven Australia

Blackjack is a real classic among casino games. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the idea that makes it so popular, or perhaps it’s because it’s so familiar. Many of us played Blackjack for matches on a camping trip, or in our living rooms as children! Perhaps competition is the key, a thrilling one on one competition against the dealer, where luck and strategy both play a part in winning. Whatever the reasons, Blackjack remains an exciting and entertaining card game that is always popular here at Slots Heaven Australia, Perfect Blackjack is a new twist on the classic gameplay that allows for even more strategy and even more ways to win.

Play this superb new variant on a vintage game

Brought to America by French settlers Blackjack quickly became popular in the gambling houses and casinos of the new world. The bright lights and glamour and glitz of Las Vegas boosted that popularity further until it became one of the most popular casino games ever. We have made it even easier for you to play this amazing game. You won’t even need a pack of cards, as Perfect Blackjack and any of our online casino games are playable from your computer and are just a click away! If you are a beginner you have come to the right place as we offer a fantastic free bonus of $400 plus 200 free spins to all our new players on any of our casino games! Get ready to feel like you are in St. Moritz or Monte Carlo without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Pure gameplay fun with Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack offers players all the excitement of traditional Blackjack, but with some exciting new gameplay elements. The game is played with 6 standard decks of cards. Alongside their main wager players can make a side bet as to whether their or the dealer’s first two cards form a pair. There are three different winning combinations of pairs; a perfect pair which is two cards of the same suit, a coloured pair which is two cards of the same colour but different suits or a red/black pair which is a pair of different colours. The game then follows the standard Vegas strip rules. This exciting variant offers thrilling play with more ways to win and is part of our extensive online Blackjack collection.