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It’s the stuff of legend. Alchemy is the lost art of changing simple metals into precious gold. In dark and mysterious laboratories, wise men mixed science and magic together, trying to find the secret of untold riches and eternal youth. They worked with dangerous ingredients but never gave up hope in their search into the unknown. Even if many times their experiments ended in explosions, the next one could be the one to bring untold riches. With Slots Heaven Australia you can re-create the excitement and mystery of those by-gone times, who knows, maybe you will be lucky in your search?

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No one knows exactly where and when the art of alchemy began, but it was practised all around the world and by the middle ages, in the shadowy depths of high castle towers, the alchemists mixed vials of chemicals and studied ancient texts in their quest for immortality and gold. They searched for the philosopher’s stone, which was a mysterious material that had magical powers. With Alchemist’s lab you can mix and match colourful potions contained in test tubes and beakers and maybe even re-live those chemistry lessons you had at school, only this time there’s a chance you might come away with something more than singed eyebrows! This is a great game for beginners, made even more so by our free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins for new players which gives you the possibility to discover your own treasures at Online casino games.

Mix up the winning concoction with Alchemist’s lab

Alchemist’s lab is a classic slot machine with just 3 paylines. It’s perfect for beginners, fans of this kind of slot and anyone with a fascination in the ancient science of alchemy. It is simple, but immersive and fun with bonus game and free spin features, and because of this, it’s one of the best designed machines online. Match colourful containers of liquids, gold rings and coins and ancient books. The coins are especially interesting as if you have one, two or three on the paylines, you have a sure win! Match 3 books to enter a fun bonus game where you mix chemicals to see if you can create glittering gold. Sounds simple, but in that simplicity is the excitement and joy of discovery that creates a really fun game. All in all, excellent graphics, sound effects and gameplay gives Alchemist’s lab online pokies just the right amount of chemistry for a very enjoyable and informative time!