Play Alien Hunter Online Pokies at Slots Heaven Australia

Strap yourself in and prepare to launch yourself on a thrilling ride into outer space as you embark on a galactic mission to capture exotic extra terrestrials in this futuristic bounty hunter themed slot machine. The life of a interstellar rogue is full of danger and thrills, battling strange and exotic aliens in his gleaming starship, protecting earth against invaders and discovering life on strange new worlds. Before trapping it and selling it for a profit of course! Slots Heaven Australia takes you on a thrilling ride into hyperspace to hunt hazardous aliens, collect valuable eggs and meet brave astronauts in your search for fame and fortune.

Boldy game where no-one has gamed before with a $100 plus 200 free spins bonus

Are you a fan of classic space exploration novels? Or maybe you have a passion for a certain 90's TV series where the "truth is out there"? In any case, you are guaranteed a gaming experience that is out of this world. Instantly appealing to anyone with an interest in science fiction and interstellar travel, Alien Hunter is an adventure into space, where no one can hear you scream - with excitement! You will want to believe that aliens are real as you fight off the creepy critters and build up your starship’s defenses. Each Alien you find is more valuable and more dangerous than the one before, but don’t worry: rookie space pilots will receive a $100 plus 200 free spins bonus playing our Online casino games.

The force is strong in this one

Hunt and trap aliens in this 5 reel 25 payline slot machine. In addition to funny and exciting space themed graphics, there are 2 bonus games, multipliers and scatter and wild symbols which is enough to keep any adventure hungry astronaut happy. In Alien Hunter, your winnings are dependant on the type of Alien you catch. The more horrible-looking it is, the more it’s worth. The three-eyed alien is a minor prize followed by the Green Monster with the bulbous bug-eyed Fish coming next. The fiercest and most ferocious alien is the Blue one. If you catch it you are sure to have hit the jackpot. The Devil is the wild symbol – if it appears on the reels, it complements your winning combination. If you manage to collect 3 egg symbols you can activate the first bonus round, whilst matching 3 Alien hunters opens the second bonus round which will have you battling aliens directly with your trusty ray gun. With our online pokies you can be assured that a fantastic space adventure is just a click away.