Play Arctic Treasure Online Pokies at Slots Heaven Australia

The north is a beautiful but deadly place, a mythical Ice kingdom full of savage animals, tamed only by the snow queen herself. Wise owls, hungry bears and voracious wolves roaming the barren landscape make life there truly dangerous. The fact that the beautiful snow queen has complete control over these creatures just makes them even more dangerous! All is not lost because brave eskimo fisherman are on hand to help you face up to the queen and finally melt her icy heart. Her legendary beauty is only matched by her bountiful treasures, but many have failed before you, will you be the one to finally win her over? You can play this breathtaking and magical came with Slots Heaven Australia.

This slot is snow joke. Neither is our $100 plus 200 free spins bonus

Legend has it that the evil ice queen was once a beautiful maiden, her heart became cold and she gathered the animals of the tundra as her only friends. Over the years many brave adventurers have tried to melt her frozen heart and win her fabulous riches, but she refused every one. Retreating into her crystal castle, she lives alone, her only entertainment is counting all her treasure. Perhaps she is waiting to share it with the right adventurer to come along? It won’t be easy though, as packs of vicious grey wolves and big brown bears patrol her palace. Owls sit in the watchtowers looking out for any kind of movement in the smooth white snow below. And if that wasn’t hard enough of course the castle is in the coldest part of the north pole, covered in frost and snow. Do not fear, we will aid new players with a free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins at Online casino games.

Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here

Arctic Treasure is a video slot machine themes around the icy north pole, it is filled with bonuses, free games, wild symbols, scatters, multipliers and a gamble feature. Despite its chilly themes, it is a really hot game! It’s a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines, the snow queen herself is the wild symbol, with the largest jackpot happening when 5 appear on the screen at once. The scatter symbols are represented by the eskimos in canoes, 3 will give you 10 free spins, whilst 5 will multiply your bet by 100 times, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for them paddling by. Bonus games are activated by the magic crystals and then the queen herself will present you with a choice that you cannot refuse! Finally, activating the gamble feature will give you the chance to double or double half your prizes by choosing the right playing card. So you see that by playing our online pokies you can really heat things up.