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Sailors and scholars have always told tales of a once great city that was lost beneath the waves of the ocean. According to the stories it was an advanced, peaceful and above all rich city and ever since, treasure hunters have been searching for the lost bounty of Atlantis. Nobody knows if the people of Atlantis perished, or if through magic or science, the inhabitants of this magnificent city are still living beneath the waves, at one with the mysterious beasts of the hidden depths. Get ready and prepare to dive into the depths to play this exciting and awe inspiring game with Slots Heaven Australia.

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The city of Atlantis was a great and powerful place during the time of the Greek legends. In it lived a noble and advanced race of people who became rich through trade with the rest of the world. For many generations the Atlanteans lived simple lives. But slowly they started to change. Greed and power corrupted them. Zeus finally saw how immoral the atlanteans had become, he called the other gods to choose a suitable punishment. Soon, in one violent volcanic explosion it was gone. The island of Atlantis, all of its people and all of its riches vanished beneath the waves leaving only memory and legends. Ever since, travellers and adventurers have tried to find the location of Atlantis and all the glittering treasure. Until now no one has found it. We will give you some help on your quest as new players will receive a free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins with our online casino games.

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Atlantis Queen is an exciting and beautiful pokies machine that mixes underwater themes with great gameplay. Playing this game you will find fantastic graphical representations of the atlantis legend. Exotic tropical fish, the ruins of a great city, the greek god Poseidon and even the Atlantis queen herself, a beautiful mermaid all feature in rich colourful graphics. Atlantis Queen is a five pokies game with 25 pay-lines, it features a wild symbol, scatter symbol and a bonus game, all set in the depths of the sea among the ruined city of Atlantis. The prizes can be great, but it’s the incredibly fun and engaging gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. With our online pokies deep sea adventure and excitement are only a click away.