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Adventure and excitement are what makes a great game, and nothing is more exciting than the search for the legendary lost city of gold! With this latest pokies you will almost feel as if you were exploring the jungle looking for clues, escaping bandits, dodging wild animals and encountering beautiful crypt hunters! You can feel as if you are in your favourite swashbuckling movie or immersive action and adventure video game as you embark on a search for priceless aztec statues and artifacts. Grab your pack and get ready to embark on adventure with Slots Heaven Australia.

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The Inca were a great and powerful civilisation in Central America, they built huge temples and great cities and legend has it they also amassed huge riches. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 16th century they heard tales of cities built entirely from gold and hoards of treasure hidden deep in the jungles. Unfortunately, even though they defeated the Aztecs, the Spanish never found the wondrous riches they were looking for, and so for some treasure hunters the search is still on. Driven by ancient riddles on scraps of paper and half remembered stories, they search for unbelievable wealth in jungle regions that have never been mapped before. Whilst some claim these cities do not exist, sometimes, somewhere, someone will find a new clue or a solid gold idol that gives them fresh hope in their search for fame and fortune. We can also give you a little help on your adventure as new players will receive a free $400 bonus plus 200 free spins for our online casino games.

Embark on an exotic, amazing adventure

Azteca is an exciting pokies game based around the search for the ancient treasures of the aztecs. It is a 5 reel, 25 payline pokies that will have you following the adventures of a beautiful treasure hunter as she tries to unravel the mysteries of the ancient cities of gold. There are tombs, gold statues, cheeky monkeys and exciting airplane rides over dense jungle. If that’s not enough, of course the different characters and images represent different things, and this pokies features wild and scatter symbols and the possibility of bonus games and free spins. If you make it to the legendary temple of the sun, then maybe finally you will have unravelled all the secrets of the aztecs. One thing's for sure, you will discover thrilling adventure and excitement with our online pokies.