Play Banana Monkey online pokies at Slots Heaven Australia

There’s nothing a cheeky monkey likes doing all day more than eating bananas and hanging out with his pri-mates Giraffe and Zebra. Let’s face it, we are all jealous of the life of a monkey, after all it seems chimply marvelous. Let’s not forget that this pokies isn’t only about monkeys but also about bananas! It’s just so a-peeling. It doesn’t matter what the weather's like outside with this pokies you can experience a wonderful, colourful, cartoon world, full of cute animals and delicious fruits. If Banana doesn’t take your fancy we have tasty coconut and juicy watermelon too! Leave your worries behind and take to the trees with Slots Heaven Australia.

Have a great time monkeying around with our $100 plus 200 free spins bonus

We can’t give you the mon-key to the city, but we can help a little bit towards keeping you in peanuts and giant nappies. Yes, new players will get a free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins ready to use with our online casino games. It’s enough to make you go ape! Just be careful not to slip up with all those bananas lying around. You’ll have a swingin’ time, chattering away with your monkey pal, wait a minute, he’s wearing shades! This is one cool monkey, no wonder the other animals want to be his pals! He’s definitely not past his primate! Of course being a cartoon monkey in a colourful jungle is a game of gibbon take, but you’ll certainly be able to see the fruits of your labour! If you love cartoons, animals and cartoon animals, then this pokies is along simian lines to those!

From chimpan-A to chimpan-Z this game has it all!

OK, enough monkeying around, Banana Monkey is a 5 reel pokies with 20 pay-lines based around a cartoon monkey and his animal friends in the jungles of Africa. The cute and colourful graphics feature our favourite monkey, a zebra and a friendly giraffe. Also featured are bananas, watermelons and coconuts. This game features both scatter and wild symbols and also a funny bonus game! This is a game that will draw you into its happy carefree colourful world and give you plenty of fun and frolics in return. This is a game that can’t fail to give cheer to anyone playing, you’ll be sure to enjoy some of this monkey business with our online pokies.