Play Benchwarmer Football Girls online pokies at Slots Heaven Australia

Not everyone can be a star striker, but no-one would mind being left on the bench with these stunners! With so many lovely ladies ready to show their support, every spin of this fun and exciting pokies machine is guaranteed to steal your heart. When you combine the beautiful game with such beautiful women, you can’t help but fall in love here at Slots Heaven Australia.

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As the name says, this slot machine celebrates the charm and beauty of the Benchwarmer girls, a series that took the format of the traditional baseball cards collected by most American boys and gave it new life by replacing the original athletes with stunning ladies. And it doesn’t matter if you can bend it like Beckham or have a kick like a donkey, these girls will love to show you their support. Just like we are ready to support all our new players with a free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins ready to be used with our online casino games.

Don’t accept substitutes with Benchwarmer Football Girls

In this pokies there are no cartoon graphics, or old jokes, just beautiful women and pure gaming action. Benchwarmer Football Girls is a 5 reel game with 30 paylines. There’s even more reason not to take your eyes off the ladies, as they are some of the most important symbols in the game. Benchwarmer Football Girls is a fully featured pokies, with Bonus, scatter and wild symbols, and of course various bonus games. Let’s face it though, this is all about the exciting and immersive gameplay and the beautiful women. We can’t guarantee you’ll go off for an early bath or even that you will score a hat trick, but we know that if you are a fan of football, whether it’s the world cup, or a kickaround in the park, or a fan of great pokies then this will certainly score a few goals with you! The fact that there are some good looking ladies is just the icing on the cake! Looking at their kits I don’t think they are particularly affiliated to any team, so choose your favourite and let’s play! On or off the pitch our online pokies provide a fun and exciting game.