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The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on earth, it’s an area of ocean where the very laws of physics don’t apply! It’s the one place on earth where literally anything can happen, so of course it makes a really good theme for these classic pokies. Many ships and airplanes have entered the puzzling zone of ocean only to find their navigation instruments whirling out of control! It’s only sheer luck that some manage to escape, but for the adventurer brave enough, there’s plenty of treasure to be found on those lost boats and with Slots Heaven Australia you can explore this enigmatic area of ocean for yourself.

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Some believe that the puzzling area of Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle is the position of the mythical city of Atlantis, and that ancient magical devices trap unwary pilots and sailors. Others think it is a place with such a great magnetic pull that it causes navigation instruments to go wild and planes and ships get lost inside it. One thing's for certain, it is a mysterious place that science cannot explain. Legend has it that ghost ships full of treasure have been floating in these waters for years, and so far many attempts at treasure hunting have come up with nothing. But perhaps that’s about to change. As an incentive to would-be bounty hunters we are offering a free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins that can be used with any of our online casino games to get them started on the hunt for the prize.

Is there a Wreck-tangle at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle?

While no one has uncovered the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle yet, this pokies is no secret, it’s a classic 3 reel slots with 5 pay lines. Perfect for beginners or purists there are no distractions to the authentic pokies gameplay. No, there are no scatter or wild symbols and no bonus games, just a really fun, exciting aquatic themed pokies machine. Keep your eye out for 3 of a kind; you’ll need to spot 3 missing airplanes, ghost ships, terrifying sharks or octopuses to win. Just like in the real Bermuda Triangle you’ll never know what you might see with each spin. Our online pokies are designed to make you feel right at home, and this one is no exception, it’s designed just like a classic pub machine so you will have no trouble, even when exploring uncharted waters!