Play Fruitmania online pokies at Slots Heaven Australia

Sometimes we aren’t looking for fancy graphics and animations in a game, sometimes we want gaming purity, and here it is, an online pokies that acts like a real old fashioned classic fruit machine, but with new and updated features it’s a modern classic! Everything about this game is juicy and ripe, it’s just so a-peeling. Once you play this game you will see it’s no lemon, its zesty and colourful graphics look so delicious you’ll just want to take a bite. Let the juicy sun kissed game play hook from the first taste! These are some fruits that will never go bad at Slots Heaven Australia.

Grape expectations with our free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins

There’s never been such an appetizing slot machine before, with such bright and colourful fruits bathed in the warm glowing sun’s rays, it’s a truly fun and happy-go lucky experience! You won’t have sour grapes when you play this peach of a slot machine. Just kidding, the fruits featured in this pokies are a bunch of grape guys, they are all berry happy to be here to entertain you! With this game we want to be the apple of your eye, in fact we want cherry much to help out new players, so we have included a free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins you can use in all our online casino games.

Get fresh with our juicy online slot machine

Fruitmania is a traditional 5 reel, 5 payline pokies machine, it’s very modern though, with a scatter symbol represented by a delicious looking cocktail ( Just about the best thing you can make with all that fresh fruit!), a bonus game and a progressive jackpot! The progressive jackpot means that all linked fruitmania games will contribute to one massive jackpot, so there is a chance to really win big. The graphics are friendly and clean and the traditional designs of exotic fruits will have players licking their lips in anticipation of playing. Don’t forget that without a dose of sunshine there wouldn’t be any fruit at all, so try to match 3 smiling sun symbols to enter the fun bonus game! You can match juicy green apples, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, lemons, peaches and grapes, so there’s something for everyone’s taste. It really feels like you are sitting in front of a real slot machine, even without leaving your own home. Why not give it a try and see what else is to your tastes with our range of online pokies.