Play Goblin’s Cave online pokies at Slots Heaven Australia

Goblins are wicked little creatures, they are like ugly dwarfs with cruel hearts. They live alone in dank, dark caves and their only pleasure in life is sitting in the darkness, counting their treasure by candle light. They are so greedy for shiny coins and treasure, and their caves are so big and dark, that who’s to know if some of their treasure went missing? In fact there’s only one thing that a goblin loves more than treasure and that’s a game of chance, he’s willing to make big risks, so big rewards can come to those who are willing to play against him. Here at Slots Heaven Australia we can give you the opportunity to go head to head against the goblin in this fun and exciting pokies game.

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Goblins are the stuff of legend and story books, they have existed for as long as we have and no matter what country you come from they are pretty much the same. They are mischievous and cunning little creatures who will stop at nothing to steal an unwary traveller’s coin purse. They love to trick innocent people and they love to hoard treasure more than anything else! In the stories the hero always manages to outwit the goblin and take back the gold, and with this fantasy themed slot machine you too can have the chance to play against the goblin and win his treasure! We can help out new players who are willing to take on the challenge with a free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins for all our Online casino games, you’ll be gobblin’ them up!

A slot machine to treasure!

Goblin’s cave is a fun, cartoony fantasy themed slot machine. It’s a 3 reel 3 payline pokies with wild and bonus symbols and a hold feature just like in videopoker. Of course the gameplay has you matching up items of treasure as you play against the wily old goblin, but the added bonus game will give you a chance to win big by choosing treasure chests filled with glittering loot. The cute graphics and animations will make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a story book, and the magical gameplay should certainly charm you. Don’t let that goblin hoard all that treasure for himself, take a chance and play this or any of our online pokies and enjoy a fun filled, exciting adventure game without leaving the comfort of your own home.