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The gold rush was truly an exciting time, the chance to get rich beyond your wildest dreams, all over America people packed up their lives and took to the mountains and rivers, mining and prospecting for the shiny yellow stuff! Anyone could try and anyone could get lucky, there was gold everywhere and fortunes were made! Prospective prospectors just needed a stick of dynamite or two, a pick-axe and a little bit of luck too! With this pokies you can re-live those exciting times and, in fact do a little prospecting yourself, there’s always the chance you might strike gold here at Slots Heaven Australia.

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The Californian gold rush began in 1848 when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in California. News of this discovery spread fast, and soon enough, hundreds of thousands of people followed him into the hills in the search for shiny gold! At the beginning it was as easy as picking gold up off the ground, but later people started to build mines to try to get more and more for themselves. It was a thrilling moment in history as gold worth tens of billions of dollars was discovered by a plucky few miners and prospectors. We want to take you back to this lively time, full of adventure and exploration and luck, and of course, gold! Don’t worry if you are not an experienced prospector with us, just for new players of our online casino games we are offering a free $100 bonus plus 200 free spins to play any way you like.

Pick the right symbols to win with Gold Rally

Gold Rally is a gold rush themed 3 reel, 8 payline slot machine featuring a progressive bonus, scatter and bonus symbols and a bonus game. It’s a lighthearted and comical look at the exciting days of the California gold rush, with funny animations and sound effects! Match symbols related to gold mining in the 1800s to win. Dynamite, pickaxes , minecarts, lucky horseshoes, revolvers and more all feature in this jolly fun slot machine! This game has a classic pokies machine feel, but with modern gameplay features that will have you living the exciting life of a gold prospector without even leaving your home! Try your luck with this, or any of our online pokies for a really enjoyable gaming experience!