Play Tropic Reels online pokies at Slots Heaven Australia

Be transported to an exotic paradise in this fun slot which will have you dashing for a pina colada in a pineapple in no time at all. Feel the sun’s rays beating down on your brow as you face the challenge posed by parrots, frogs, refreshing fruits and strikingly colourful flowers all against a backdrop of statues reminiscent of Easter Island. If the humidity becomes overwhelming don’t panic because there is a waterfall close at hand to cool you down. Everything you need from a holiday with a difference is here in this game brought to you at Slots Heaven Australia. If you find yourself becoming parched simply help yourself to a delicious slice of grapefruit or add a dash of lime to your sparkling drink from the symbols on the reels.

Climate change results in free $100 welcome bonus plus 200 free spins

Sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone and what could be better than getting back to nature and a spending time in the jungle surrounded by the sounds of tropical birds like the toucan which acts as the focal point for Tropic Reels. Everything is brighter in this virtual world in online casino games but to make things extra special we are offering a free $100 welcome bonus plus 200 free spins to new players to help you through any sticky patches you may experience from all that heat. This is one hot game in more ways than one!

Getting back to nature with Tropic Reels

Like the simplicity of nature itself there is a back-to-basics quality about Tropic Reels but underestimate this three-reel five-row game at your peril because the hold feature after the opening spin lifts it out of the ordinary and gives you the chance to act strategically. And don’t be scared by the growls of any tigers hiding in the undergrowth either because these beautiful creatures happen to be your friend as they act, appropriately, as the wild symbol. This is a tropical feast for the eyes and ears, but luckily this hot adventure can be played in the comfort of your own home without all the stickiness and attacks from the thousands of bugs that may want to sample your flesh, so sit back, relax and let online pokies do the rest to make this an experience to remember.