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Roulette is one of the most romantic casino games in the world and also crops up in one of the best films ever made - Casablanca. In one of the strongest scenes Rick Blaine, played by Humphrey Bogart, tells the desperate Jan, who is trying to flee Morocco with his young bride because of the Nazi occupation, to put all his money on 22 - and the rest is history. There isn’t a Rick Blaine pulling the strings in 3D Premium Roulette - instead we have an incredibly stylish virtual recreation of the game. The stunning graphics are so realistic it feels like you could reach out and touch the soft felt of the green baize on the table, hear the clicking of the chips or the bounce of the ball as it settles into the black, red or green. Slots Heaven Australia allows you to get behind the wheel and take the ride of a lifetime.

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Roulette is the most iconic casino game but a primitive form of it was thought to have been invented in the 17th century by a French scientist named Blaise Pascal as part of his quest to create a perpetual motion machine and later popularised by monks to alleviate the tedium of monastic life. The prevailing theory is that roulette - which means ‘little wheel’ in French - is an amalgamation of two popular games: the Italian ‘hoca’ and the English E.O. which stands for Evens and Odds. However, the modern version we see today was played in Paris as early as 1796 when the wheel had a zero and a double zero which belonged to the bank. Whatever its derivations roulette remains as popular today as it was then and you can get all the excitement of it in online casino games where new players will receive a $400 welcome bonus plus 200 free spins.

Get on a roll with 3D Premium Roulette

3D Premium Roulette is as stylish as it is exciting to play. The cutting-edge graphics give players an authentic casino experience without having the inconvenience of catching a flight to Monte Carlo, but at the same time retaining a touch of glamour from the principality. This version has wheels within wheels, and the fresh and clearly-presented page makes it one of the most exciting online games around. Whether you’re a low or a high roller we’ll wager you’re going to love it so get on the table at online roulette and stack the chips high.