Play American Roulette at Slots Heaven Australia

If you’ve ever fancied a trip to Las Vegas to play at one of its legendary casinos but are scared of flying on aeroplanes, for example, or just don’t have the cash to indulge in such a transatlantic adventure then look further than American Roulette. You can discover all the flavour of the Las Vegas Strip at Slots Heaven Australia without the hustle and bustle that comes from the traffic on that All-American Road. You don’t need to dress up or splash out on fancy cocktails. All you need is the roulette wheel, your chips and the peace and quiet needed to focus on bringing Lady Luck to the table.

Free $400 welcome bonus plus 200 free spins is an American beauty

The United States seems to be viewed as the natural home of roulette, but as we all know it actually originated in Europe - specifically France. However, when the French Revolution sent shockwaves around the world in 1789, many fled the country in search of stability and a better life. Some immigrants settled in Louisiana in the south of the United States and they brought with them the game of roulette. However, casinos in New Orleans did not approve of the single zero slot which they felt did not give the house a significant advantage so introduced an extra ‘double zero’ instead. At the time there were only numbers 1-28 and an extra house slot of an eagle brought greater profits to the casinos but over the years the numbers were increased to 36 and the eagle - symbol of liberty - was dropped. You can get a slice of American history when you take on the wheel in online casino games. It’s a revolution waiting to be explored and what’s more - new players will receive a free $400 welcome bonus plus 200 free spins.

American Roulette offers players a thrilling time from the word ‘go’. As soon as the ball hits the spinning wheel you could easily visualise yourself sitting at one of the main tables at Caesars Palace. To add to the excitement there is also a handy in-vision box too which allows players to experience the thrill of the moving wheel in closer focus. At online roulette we live and breathe roulette so get number-crunching on the wheel of fortune.