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Roulette may have been invented in France but the principles of the game stretch back to Roman times when soldiers would spin a symbol-marked shield on a spear. However, it is generally thought that the classic casino game originates the fusion of two games - ‘hoca’ and ‘E-O’. The first was invented in Italy and involved a circular table, a ball and 40 cups - three of which belonged to the house and were marked with a zero. The second ‘E-O’, which stands for Evens-Odds, also involved a circular table of 40 sections, which were divided equally into 20 alternating sections marked E or O. Additionally, there were two bar spaces which belonged to the house. Only when French scientist Blaise Pascal combined these elements as part of a scientific experiment do we arrive at the modern-day roulette wheel. It’s a fascinating story and you can be a part of it at online casino games where new players will benefit from a free $400 welcome bonus plus 200 free spins.

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Heighten your casino experience with Premium Roulette Pro which has big features to bring the ‘little wheel’ to life. And if you fancy a bit of company don’t miss out on the multi-player option which allows you to interact with others at the table. Chat away with your fellow hopefuls as the ball spins around the wheel. There are plenty of other functions to enhance your experience it means you won’t even need to set foot inside a casino in order to feel that special atmosphere. Sample it all at online roulette where we put a premium on enjoyment at any time, any day.