Play All American video poker at Slots Heaven Australia

There is no card game that captures the spirit of The USA better than Poker. It’s an iconic game that is just at home in the historic saloons of the old West as it is in Hollywood movies or the biggest, glitziest casinos on the Las Vegas strip, it’s practically the national game of America. Now you can experience all the pleasure and excitement of playing a really good game of poker from your own home! Slots Heaven Australia is proud to be able to offer you All American video poker, all the sensational gameplay of classic poker with the fast paced excitement of online slots!

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Poker as we know it started life on the Mississippi Delta the 18th Century. It spread from New Orleans on paddle steamers and in the hearts of travellers to become the most popular game of the new world, with almost as many variants as places it was played. Over the years poker has been played in casinos, homes and bars around the world and even on the International Space Station! There have been movies and television shows dedicated to poker as well as countless books, it really is a worldwide phenomenon! Video poker takes those time-honoured poker rules and blends them with exciting slots style gameplay. It doesn’t matter if you are new to either of the games, as we are offering new players a free $400 bonus plus 200 free spinsthey can use with any of our online casino games.

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All American is a standard video poker game that uses a single 52 card deck. The game is perfect for beginners as it has no wild cards. After winning a hand players will have the option to double their winnings with a bonus gamble feature. As this is based on the rules of poker, players must try to get a pair of jacks or better to win, but don’t worry, the paytable in the centre of the screen will help you to understand exactly what your hand is worth! All American is a popular online video poker game, as it has simple and easy to understand rules and a great payout! What’s more, it is only a click away, so get ready for some classic card game action from the United States.