Play Deuces Wild 4 Line Video Poker at Slots Heaven Australia

Video poker has risen quickly among the ranks of casino games to become one of the most popular. Players love it because it blends the strategy and player interaction of a classic game of poker with the brisk, lively gameplay of slots. Because of this unique gameplay it’s a fixture at practically every casino across the world. Here at Slots Heaven Australia we can provide you with all the thrills and excitement of playing in a top Las Vegas casino without even having to leave your own home! Deuces Wild 4 Line is a gripping variant of the standard video poker game that will make you feel like you are playing at a top table with all the stars of the poker scene!

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Poker is probably the most recognisable card game in the world, it’s played everywhere from smoky basements, to the palaces of the rich and famous. No one really knows the true history of the game but it became popular during the 18th century in the deep South of America and from there it spread from saloon to saloon until it was played all over the continent! Video poker was invented in the 1970s, it combines all the fun of a really good game of poker with the fast paced and exciting thrills of a slot machine, it is truly a game that anyone can enjoy! As an extra incentive to new players of our online casino games, we are offering a free $400 bonus plus 200 free spins which can be used with any game you like!

4 times the fun in the fun twist on classic video poker

Deuces wild 4 line takes all the fun of the incredibly popular standard game and multiplies it by 4! The rules are the same as in the classic game, deuces are wild, meaning they can represent any number, and to get a winning hand you must have a 3 of a kind or better. The key difference here is that once the player has made their bet and been dealt their cards, they choose the cards to hold for not just one hand but 4! That makes 4 times the chance to win! Just like in the normal game, deuces are automatically marked and held, so you can focus on building up those winning hands! Deuces wild is a really fun variant of a classic online video poker game and one that we recommend you try!