Play Joker Poker 50 line at Slots Heaven Australia

We all know that poker is one of the most popular card games on the planet, you can find it being played everywhere from lunch-break rooms to the fanciest, most exclusive casinos in the world. The blend of luck and skill have made it popular for a reason and video poker just makes it even better, it takes the time honoured rules of the classic card game and blends them with fast-paced slots action for a really thrilling gaming experience. Step into any casino in the world and you will find a real buzz of excitement around the video poker machines, and it’s no different here at Slots Heaven Australia! We strive to give you the best casino gaming experience without even having to leave your own home!

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Modern poker was born in the deep south of the USA in the 18th Century, it quickly spread from the gambling houses of New Orleans on paddle steamers chugging up and down the Mississippi river to become a nationwide and then worldwide phenomenon! Video poker was invented in the 1970s, right at the start of the video game arcade era, it took the basic rules of the classic card game and blended them with the thrills and fast action of slot machines to create a new hybrid game that has been loved ever since. The beauty of video poker lies in the fact that it is simple and fun, so even beginners can feel like seasoned card sharks! In fact we can offer even more help to new players with our free $400 bonus plus 200 free spins that can be used on any of our online casino games, it’s never been easier to play!

50 ways to win with Joker poker 50 line

This exciting variation of joker poker uses all the same basic rules as the standard version. A 52 card pack with an added joker card is used and the joker is wild. The difference is that instead of playing with just one hand, Joker poker 50 Line has you playing with 50 hands all at the same time! That means 50 chances to win! If that sounds a bit too much to handle, don’t worry, everything is done automatically so you will only have to worry about placing your bet and choosing which cards to hold in your first hand after the initial deal, these cards will then also go to all your other hands giving you a huge amount of possibility! It’s really an exciting twist on the standard online video poker gameplay and we think you will go wild for it!