Play Joker Poker at Slots Heaven Australia

There’s nothing quite like a game of poker, the strategy, the luck, the atmosphere. Poker is one of those games that can make you feel like a cowboy in a smoky saloon at one moment or an international spy in the exclusive Monte-Carlo casino the next! It’s probably the most played card game in the world, and with good reason! Video poker takes that amazing heritage and combines it with fast playing slot action for a truly exciting game playing experience. Here at Slots Heaven Australia we can provide you with the opportunity to play thrilling games online, so you can have all that casino atmosphere without even leaving your home!

We aren’t joking about the free $400 bonus plus 200 free spins

Poker is without a doubt the most popular card game on the planet, it’s played in every country by people of all walks of life, in fact so many countries claim to be the birthplace of poker that the history is still unknown! We do know that it really became popular in America during the 18th Century and has remained a staple of casinos ever since! Video Poker came about in the 1970s, it took the classic rules of poker but streamlined the gameplay into something a little like slots. It was an immediate success and has been popular ever since! Of course we had to include the best types of video poker in our online casino games collection as it is a great game for both beginners and experts alike, in fact, to make it even easier to get started we offer a free $400 bonus plus 200 free spins which can be used in any of our online games to new players, so there’s no reason not to play a hand or two!

The joker is wild about this game

Joker Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck, but with the addition of one joker card which is used as a wild card, meaning it can represent any other card in the deck. This small addition to the game really opens up winning possibilities and you will never know when that wild card may come in handy! The gameplay is exactly the same as classic video poker, meaning that anyone can get playing in no time at all, you place your bet, the dealer deals a hand, you choose the cards to hold and then the dealer deals again! It couldn’t be easier. Joker Poker is just one of our great online video poker collection. A great deal could be just a click away.